Jul 202012

Richmond, Virginia
July 20, 2012

Another opportunity and another music immersion experience with a program focused on chamber music.  I was one of two pianists who attended the Chamber Music Institute (CMI) in Richmond, Virginia from July 16-20 2012 where we worked with string and woodwind instrumentalists performing orchestra and chamber ensemble pieces.  I actually worked with two quintet groups playing Mozart on the cello in one and the piano in the other.  I also performed some Shostakovich pieces as a member of a trio, and performed some solo repertoire.  I participated in several master classes with Dr. Maria Yefimova of the College of William and Mary.

I was excited to meet some great musicians of all ages and work in the orchestra and ensembles on both cello and piano.  Mr. Tom Lindsay (violinist) and Dr. Alice Lindsay (violist) founded CMI and I strongly recommend it to anyone interested in chamber music.  It offers a great opportunity to explore music and collaborate with other dedicated musicians.

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