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I came upon something very sad and even disturbing to me the other day.  There was an article about the awful fate that so many old, used and unwanted pianos face.  They are commonly thrown-out!  Discarded, as someone would dispose of yesterday’s garbage!  There was a video clip showing these old instruments being pushed out of the back of a truck, into big heaps of trash and piled on top of each other.  How awful!

Here is the link.

The original article was published in the New York Times in July.

Here is that article.

I cannot imagine this happening.  But there doesn’t seem to be a very big interest for used pianos, especially those that might not be in the best of shape, or older ones that need lots of work.  Not everyone would want to take on the burden and possible huge expense of restoring a piano.  But it would seem like the better ones could be used by some organizations, schools, or even beginning piano students.  And, it seems others agree with that premise.

See this link on piano adoption:

It lists pianos available for FREE all over the United States.  They might not be in the best shape, but with some work and care could be turned into decent instruments.  You can even list a piano that you have that you might no longer need and want to save from a landfill.  Right now there are 39 pianos available for “adoption” here in Virginia!  So if you are looking for a piano, know someone who is, or want to put one up for adoption, please check this out.  You never know what might be available right in your area!  And you’d be saving an old instrument, possible with a long, exciting history, from the fate of spending eternity in a landfill………….


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