Jan 182013

Kilmarnock, Virginia
January 7, 2013

Tonight I had a great time at the rehearsal with the Northern Neck Orchestra.  While I have experience working with other orchestras, this was my first time with the Northern Neck Orchestra and they made me feel very welcomed.

Mr. Guy Hayden, the conductor, introduced me to the orchestra and we tuned.  Then, we jumped right into the concerto.  In fact, the timpani started almost immediately after he called out the Grieg so everyone was responsive and ready to begin.

We played through all three movements with only a few breaks in each movement to work out timing and tempo in some critical points.  I was impressed with the orchestra members’ professionalism in terms of listening to Mr. Hayden and each other, and their ability to quickly adapt to changes in areas we needed to refine.  I was able to openly offer suggestions and opinions on tempi and aspects of coordination.  In this way, I felt I was treated as a professional and another member of the orchestra.

Many members of the Northern Neck Orchestra have been playing together for many years and they were very well organized under the firm direction of their conductor, Mr. Guy Hayden.  I am also glad that I was well prepared.  I look forward to our next rehearsal at the end of the month!

Come see the performance – February 24, 2013, 3:00 pm,  Serenade for a Winter’s Day”; Grieg Piano Concerto Op. 16 in A minor (full concerto); William Hume,  soloist; Northern Neck Orchestra,  Northumberland High School Theater, Claraville, VA



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