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Certainly everyone is familiar with Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Jaws, and Harry Potter.  What makes those movies so memorable?  What do they all have in common?  Can you recall the music that is so prominent and captivating that most of us can instantly start humming the themes?

I have always been fascinated with movie scores and the critical role they play in setting the entire tone and mood for the movie.  Did you know that many of the really great scores have a basis in classical and orchestral music form?  Next time you watch a good movie, stop and really listen to the music.  You’ll see, or rather hear, what I mean.

Although I have always been interested in becoming a performer, I have also been interested in composing for some time now.  My interest in movie scores is natural given my interest in composing. The act of composing, however, takes considerable time and effort and I am fascinated at the thought of composing movie themes.

Check out the link below and listen to this interview with John Williams, the composer who wrote the scores for all those movies (and many more) mentioned above.  I was thrilled to hear it this weekend on NPR.  John Williams is a legend in the music and film industry and probably the greatest living film composer.  He has been widely hailed for his work and as you’ll hear in the interview, Steven Spielberg credits him as the single most important contributor to his success as a film director and producer.  Anyway, I was fascinated to hear the thoughts of this great master and I hope you find it as interesting as I did.

Listen to NPR interview with film composer and conductor John Williams. 


Read about another pianist turned composer – Meet the Artist….David Ianni.


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